Saturday, April 2, 2011

Krabi Trip Part I - Chicks at the Beach

This post shall be solely pictures with little descriptions, as pictures can tell a thousand words. ;)

 First of all, of course it has to be me!

On Bamboo Island - first stop of our island hopping trip - love her yellow bikini.

 There was really nothing much to do on Bamboo Island beside looking at the hot chicks. Check out the white guy beside her, doing the same thing.

Saw the same yellow bikini girl on Maya Beach (that's the place the filmed Leonardo Dicaprio's "The Beach").

 Still on Maya Bay.

 Yup there was basically nothing much to do on Maya Bay.

 Maya Bay.

 Still Maya Bay.

 Asian in white bikini.

Topless chick on Maya Bay!

 This one was on the same trip with us.
 Spotted another white bikini while having lunch on Phi Phi Don Island.

And last but not least, the ultimate.