Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the saddest

I had recently discovered the reason I could never have happy thoughts, write happy things in my blog. I lack the courage to be happy.

I dare not have high expectations in myself, in people around me, in the world. Because I'm so afraid of having to be disappointed. So if I don't hope, there will be no disappointment.

There are many types of people living in this world. And I believe, I belong to the saddest, the most pathetic of all.

Is it time to let go?

Ampang Lookout Point

On the night of mid-autumn festival I went to Ampang Lookout Point. It's just a 30 minutes drive from my house, 20 minutes drive from Ampang Point. The map shown below is very accurate and reliable! If you can't find it, you are more geographically-blind than me. And I'd probably have to close down this blog (nah!).
There are restaurants with reasonable price. Though the food is not so nice but you get to enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery. There is also a observation tower where you can climb 3 levels of staircases to reach the top level and have a clear view of the city. When we reached the top it was totally packed with couples hugging and whispering to one another. There were like... around 10 pairs of them and they were behaving as if they live in their own world. I was slightly unhappy (or to better describe my feelings, "bu sun") by this and it was both funny and embarrassing at the same time.

It was my third time there and the coldest night of all three, as it was raining heavily that evening and it was still drizzling when we reached there. The main catch in that place is that it has a awesome night view of KL city.

Can't get enough of the beautiful scenes!

It is a nice place to hang out, whether you are with your family or your friends. One of my favourite places. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am a handicap
I am unable to love
And therefore
I shall not be loved in return

Monday, September 1, 2008


I did not really have high expectations when I walked into the theater, to be honest. I figured this would just be another watch-and-forget movie. And I was right.

Mirrors is loosely based on a Korean horror movie in year 2003 - Into The Mirror. But except for the ending (and the mirrors of course), I can't find any resemblances. I would say both are equally bad.

Like any other conventional scary movies, the most important element to scare the viewers is... the sound effects. And yeah, I got scared, but it was not a creepy feeling, not the kind where after days of watching and you recall back the scenes you'd get goosebumps. And sadly, I don't remember the last horror film I saw that gave me this type of feeling and satisfaction.

There was a girl sitting next to me in the theater who was damn scared, kept hugging her boyfriend. This had disturbingly reminded me of a very bad experience I had when watching a ghost movie with a guy friend a very long time ago. So I made damn sure I don't repeat the same mistake with ZiLin, the guy I was watching this movie with. SukTeng, you know what I mean. And I'd like to assure you nothing dramatic happened.

And... Right, back to the movie. So there was blood, there were people dying horribly, there were ghosts suddenly popping up, there were mirrors, there were mysteries waiting to be solved and people to be saved... Up until 20 minutes before the movie ended, it was still acceptably frightening. But when a 60-year-old nun turned into a supposedly-possessed-by-demon-monster, it took me a great effort to choke back my laughter. I supposed the script just couldn't go on anymore but they simply had to put an end to the story. So this is where the monster conveniently came in. In a nutshell, if you have too much time to spend and too much money to waste, you are most welcome to watch Mirrors.