Wednesday, January 27, 2010

why i like it longer

I love long stuffs. Because longer stuffs are better. And I didn't say that just because Nuffnang is having this "Win an LG Chocolate Phone Just Because You Like It Longer" contest. Nope! Definitely not. Read on and you'll feel my sincerity.

Long Finger Nails

Long finger nails are more attractive and you can do so many things to them. It's easier if you go for manicure with long nails and it's more price-worthy because there are more space to paint. Some even provide extension service. =)

No, I don't mean that long!!!

Yup, that's more like it. So cute. =)

Long Pencils

Of course pencils are the longer the better (especially colour pencils). Short pencils allow you to sharpen them a few times and they'll be too short for your hands to hold. Very inconvenient. =.=|||

Short, no good.

Long Life

I want to have a long life because I'm not done yet here on Earth. There are so many things I haven't try and so many place I haven't been to. Without a long life, how am I going to have time to juggle between my job, blogging, hobbies, travelling and so many things I have yet to do?

Long Holidays

Need I explain more? Doesn't everybody love long holidays?

I like taking pictures of the sky on the airplane.

Long Body (i.e. tall people)

People with longer bodies (i.e. taller) are stronger species. Doubtful? Those of you who wached Avatar know what I'm talking about. Check out the Na'vis, their height is almost double of humans'. When they fight against the humans, although without advanced weapon technology they could triumph over them.

Jake Sully and Neytiri practicing their archery skill.

Long Handphones

LG's new Chocolate phone (BL40) is a good example. It is longer thus has larger surface area which makes the touch screen function easier to operate. Its amazing 4-inch widescreen allows better web-browsing, video-watching and email-checking experiences. In addition, the new LG Chocolate phones come embedded with special content from Avatar. Isn't it exciting? You get to watch long body people on a long handphone!!! And with its widescreen, it can take bigger pictures with the 5.0 Mega Pixel camera. And most importantly, it looks GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. =)

Love it. =)

Monday, January 25, 2010


It could be nice if one can disappear at will, just like that, into thin air. Just so one doesn't need to go through the trouble of selecting the best way to commit suicide, and executing it. That would definitely be of less effort.

It could also be nice if one, upon disappearing, people's memories of him would be automatically erased. Thus no one would remember him, not even his closest family and friends. Just so people would not be hurt by his non-existence (if any). Just so tears would not be shed, and people would not mourn.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

She knows she will end up in hell

She knows that she will end up in hell. Eventually she will. She just knows. Her life is a living hell. She sees death in everything. She sees it when she wakes up, when she drives to work, when she eats her regular meals, when she goes to bed at night. She sees so much of death she no longer feels anything. Nothing can make her happy, and she refuses to be happy. She doesn’t allow herself that kind of luxury. Being happy, is overrated. To her, life is just a number of many days to pass by. She yearns for the day when she no longer has to go through life.

Every day she hopes for a miracle. And at the end of the day she is again and again disappointed. For some reasons she enjoys the disappointment, the sadness and hopelessness. As if that’s the only way she can feel her own existence - that she’s real. As if that’s the only way that can make her happy, in some odd ways. As if she’s addicted to it. No, she is addicted to it. She cries once in a while. She thinks that it’s a blessing that she’s still able to cry. She feels better after that, knowing that she still has emotions. The negative emotions are what remain of her. She knows she will end up in hell.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In The End...

People will get tired of my infinite depression and they will leave me for good - close friends, family, the special one.

I will isolate myself from the rest of the world.

I will fall into darkness.

I will die, a slow and painful death.

I will die, in the memories of others, a silent death.

These... I do not want.

"We call the internal forces that prevent people from living the life they want, or even from keeping a resolution that is important to them, the addiction to unhappiness. Even while people are consciously seeking happiness, they may unknowingly require some degree of discomfort to maintain a sense of inner balance. The unrecognized need to sabotage one's good intentions can explain diverse yet common difficulties, including overspending, fear of new situations, romantic choices that breaks heart, and career mishaps."

"We are not implying that you consistently feel unhappy or frustrated. You want to enjoy your life, and no doubt you usually do feel satisfied and happy. But if you have an addiction to unhappiness then, at least occasionally, you need to cause yourself some type of discomfort in order to maintain your inner equilibrium. Whether the need for unhappiness causes you serious problems or only manifests itself in subtle ways, whether it affects you most of the time or only once in a while, nonetheless it is probably the reason you are not getting the pleasure out of life you were born to know."

~excerpts from Addicted to Unhappiness by Marth Heineman Pieper, William J. Pieper~

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Offering my deepest condolences to a friend of mine who just lost his dad in a car accident. Hope that he and his family are well. And hope that he'd regain his strength soon. And may his dad rest in peace.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Freedom Gundam

This Baby Freedom Gundam is so cute laaaaa... I don't fancy Gundam at all but I still think it's very cute.

It's now sitting on the DVD player next to the TV. When I sit on the couch he will point his little cute gun at me with a serious face as if saying, "don't move or I'll shoot". (Don't know if that's a common line in Gundam Seed.)

His head is so big and his legs are so short. And he's got a bit baby fat. Bought it from a shop in Low Yat Plaza for RM29. Considered quite cheap compared to those sold in Jusco. Cute leh...

There are also San Guo (三国: The Three Kingdoms)character models. Will get one Zhao Yun (赵云) for my nephew.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 New Year Resolutions (to be updated from time to time)

Yes, another old-fashioned title to complete the new year mood. Guess I'm gonna combine what's left of 2009 with some new resolutions. =)

1) Learn to control my temper and emotions. This was in my last year list. I think I've still got lots of space for improvement.
2) Learn to be more patient. Refer item No. 1 as of above.
3) Learn to be more optimistic. Refer item No. 1 as of above.
4) Learn to be happy. I want to end my obsession with feeling depressed.
4) Career wise, learn more.
5) Sustain my relationship. The most important thing in the list. And the hardest thing to do.
6) Learn to control my own emotions. siGh...
7) Save money. Hold onto principles like do not go to expensive restaurants for more than once in a month, do not get a new handphone unless the existing one is broken, do not overspend etc...