Saturday, August 28, 2010

A series of Movie Reviews


The best movie I’ve seen this year – creative, intelligent and well-developed. I had really high expectations when I walked into the cinema due to good reviews from friends around me. And it did not let me down. It’s a three-hour-movie that leaves you wondering with an open ending (to me, at least). And may I say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so cool. =)

Shutter Island

Predictable twist at the ending. But overall, it's worth spending two hours to watch it. Not a bad movie. It's a little boring generally as there were more talking than action. And I didn't like it that the movie constantly try to scare its audience with disturbing scenes which I find not so disturbing after all. I mean, it's a movie about mentally-disturbed people I strongly expect something better than this.

The Descent Part 2

Blood, blood, blood, and more blood. There's nothing else to say, except that I enjoyed The Descent Part 1 better.

It was a hell of a disappointment. The first 30 minutes of the movie was great. The more I watched it the more I had high expectations for it. Maybe my expectations went too high though. And Liam Neeson's acting was pretty unconvincing to me.


Hollywood’s pathetic struggle to show that they can still produce movies with creative storyline, romance, action all in one. What they didn’t know is that creative and lame is just a thin line away. As the movie rolled on all I could think about was how lame and how illogical it was. Anyone who has watched it please explain to me:
1. Why the government just let the Union do all the killings?
2. Even when the bank approves a loan they make sure people can pay it back. Why would the Union sell their products to people who can’t afford it, and then take the product back, just to sell it as a second hand product?
3. Are the repomen really qualified to do a surgeon’s job?
I don’t believe I’ve given out any spoilers but even if I did it wouldn’t matter. Because the movie is so shitty, it’s not worth wasting your time.



I read review first b4 go for movies - It helped sometimes - hence i manage to avoid repomen & heard PCK the movie so so only but lastly remember everyone had different taste - to each their own -

Cheers & enjoy your favorite movie with your bf


ADD ON : Agree descent part 1 is better & didn't watch after life yet but since u used the word: dissapointment - another movie to avoid?

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

first of all, i didn't watch all of them with my bf... =P

as for afterlife i think if u need to buy a cinema ticket or a dvd then it's avoidable... =)

David Batista said...

I agree with all your reviews, except that I hated Shutter Island a lot more, I think. It was too boring and predictable. I knew the twist ending only 5 minutes after the movie began. Not good.