Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 9: Hangzhou - Malaysia

Having to leave Hangzhou, China was a depressing thing - that meant back to reality and a nine-to-five life. We left the youth hostel in the morning to catch our afternoon flight back to Malaysia. We called a cab through the youth hostel, charging us RMB120 flat rate. It was RMB20 more than the metered cab that we took the night we reached Hangzhou. We figured it was worth it to pay up to avoid the risk of not being able to catch a cab by ourselves.

A few pictures while waiting for the cab...


 The entrance of the hostel.

 Me all packed up, refusing to face the camera because of my panda eyes.

Reaching the airport on time, we couldn't decide whether to have KFC or McD. So we had both. :P

 Tomato ketchup in Chinese, how cute.

And they didn't have chili sauce in the fast food restaurants in China - can you believe it? When I asked for chili sauce they gave me those Chinese style spicy sauce with garlic. How can one have their fries dipped into those?

 Very much enjoying his meal.

 KFC chicken burger.

 Fast food in China, is a luxurious thing.

 Chicken burger in McD.

The reason I didn't order any pork burger - I couldn't even if I want to. There were no pork burgers available for lunch, and we missed the breakfast time. :(

 Check out the number of pandas in the waiting area.

Didn't buy one because it was expensive, and my bed is already full.



Hahaha KFC is "luxury" in China?? Wow that's eye-opener!!

U oledi got a real "gigantic panda but slim one" to hug -LOLz...More than enough...Just joking

Anonymous said...

We Malaysians love our chilli sauce. McD and KFC in NZ also no chilli sauce depressing man.... Btw, hurrray!! You finall wrapped up your full China trip in your blog haha!

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Robinson, yes it is. For 1 burger and 1 drink it's (without fries) it's like RM13.50. McD in Msia only RM5.56 plus tax RM6++.

Tien, yes I did! YES!!! About the chili sauce, next time I bring one bottle for you from Msia lolz.