Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Not the movie by Julia Roberts. Indeed, my best friend (whom I know for 13 years) just got married last week.

 Audrey and Teck Guan on the lunch reception.

When Audrey made the announcement the first thing that crossed my mind was, so Audrey's the first one among us. It didn't occurred to me as a surprise or anything shocking. That was when I realized how grown up we are.

This was not the first time I attended a wedding of someone my age or younger. But attending as the bridesmaid and her best friend was totally a different feeling. Driving down the roads in Seremban was another nostalgic experience. And meeting Mr. Foo, our Form 6 class teacher was another bonus.

 If growing up means not having the rights to do anything childish, we did it anyway.
 At the lunch reception.

 From left: ShinYin, Xiang, ST, me, Boonlee, Ze, Snowfly.

I wondered who would be the next among us. And how old will we be by then. I don't know about the others but the very thought of getting married (and having kids) seem like a strange idea to me.

 Most of us brought boyfriends.

 The Georgians in the everlasting Murali pose.

 Mr. Foo and the Georgians.

 The bridesmaid at the church wedding.


Walking down the aisle in a church was my idea of a romantic wedding which I had always dreamed of. But when I did attended one, I thought it was more spiritual than romantic. I'm not a christian so I will never have a chance of having a church wedding of my own. I guess walking the aisle as a bridesmaid, in a way, fulfilled my childhood dream. Well, another strike-through on my list of things-to-do-before-I-die. ;)

 No, I wasn't sad.

 The bride and us.

We spent a night at ShinYin's after the church wedding ceremony on Saturday (the lunch reception was on Sunday). There were 4 of us staying over - Wee Tze Yee and Kin Chew (her boyfriend), SukTeng and me. During our stay, ShinYin's mom apologized that she didn't have time to take us out to lunch and all. I told her, it's alright, we'll make ourselves at home. And I realized that I meant it. It didn't feel like I was staying at a friend's house - it felt like I was staying at home. We felt comfortable even when ShinYin's brother came to our room to take his stuff when we were lazing in bed. That is how close ShinYin and I are. :)

Preparing the door gifts for lunch reception on the next day.

The door gifts, ready and packed in boxes.

I must admit the door gifts were really creative. And oh, I tied the ribbons on all the wedding dresses.


ST said...

It's confirmed u 'll be the next to get married since u got the flowers rite ? Btw i realised most of the photos u took here belongs to me. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Haha. Ya, you got the flowers leh! And pong, you want the copyright to your photos ar??? Haha. Well, in all honesty, I think marriage and having kids are very VERY foreign ideas to me too. I feel like a kid myself and I guess there's the part of me which refuses to grow old or grow up..



Oh welcome back :)

Ha - nice pics of many leng luis(including yourself & shin Yin) & good that you still stay thin LOL

2nd picture is funny of you being pinched :-D

& ready or not, your "time's up" soon (i mean marriage)


Ermm addendum: As noticed in another fellow blogger's blog, so many weddings recently

Anonymous said...

Awwww....what a heartwarming entry. Glad you enjoyed yourself with the company of your bestest friends from school days :)

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Robinson, yes there's a lot wedding for me too. Especially towards the end of the year.

Tien, yeah now the only time we get to have gatherings will be during big events like this. :)