Thursday, January 1, 2015

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek - Day 2

Day 2: Chommrong - Dovan

The trek was shorter than Day 1, but it was more difficult. We needed to pass by Bamboo to get to Dovan. Bamboo was a valley thus it meant downhill trek and then uphill climb.

According to the itinerary, we were supposed to trek downhill for 30 minutes, and then uphill for 1 hour to Lower Sinuwa. And continue uphill to Upper Sinuwa for 1 hour, and another 1 hour downhill to Bamboo. Then 2 hours of uphill climb to Dovan. I didn't have the energy to keep track on the time. But overall, I kind of made it with 30 minutes (I think) behind schedule.

Just only left Chommrong. Downhill trek.

When crossing the steel bridge, a herd of donkeys were coming from the other side. I was actually brushing past the donkeys and they were like recklessly hitting me with their heads or bodies. It was a cute experience. ;)

Crossing a steel bridge.

This was the distance between Chommrong and Sinuwa. Basically these two places were located at different mountains!

Passing by Sinuwa.

Stopping to catch breath.

Couldn't... go... on...

We stopped for lunch in Bamboo and there was a weighing spring that we excitedly tried out. Feeder's bag was 13 kg, including the camera. Mine was only 4 kg. Due to my incapability Feeder had to put more load in his bag than expected. KC's was 7 kg and the porter's was 20 kg including his own belongings.

The load of Feeder's bag. Plus the camera would be approximately 13 kg.

Eating fried rice in Bamboo.

Upon reaching Dovan. Me - half dead. KC and Feeder - chilling.

There was still sunlight when we reached Dovan so I decided I could still afford to "wash up", while KC warmed my jacket.

KC was warming my jacket as instructed by Feeder. ;)
That night Feeder had an idea. We bought 2 bottles of hot water to put near to our feet, inside the sleeping bags. I slept soundly that night, while Feeder and KC went star-gazing, dressed like ninjas.

Turning into a cocoon every night in order to survive.

Star-gazing in Dovan.


David Batista said...

Very nice scenery -- so pretty!

You look so cold in all the pics, haha! :) Very nice pics, btw. Where was this trek? It looks like Nepal.

~jeet~ said...

The view must have been really great, and I don't know whether I will survive the climb also..hahaha..can only tell if I ever get there.

Well done so far Shin Loo!!

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

David, It is in Nepal! :)

Azita, you never know until you are actually there. Few moments I thought I was never gonna make it. But I did it anyway. :)