Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bali Day 4

On day 4 we went to Tanah Lot temple, which literally means "land in water". The temple was surrounded by sea water.
The temple behind me would be in the middle of the sea when the water level rises.

We came across some people shooting a movie somewhere around the temple. The girl cried till her mascara smudged and the guy hugged her. I wanted to know whether the actors were famous so I asked the tour guide. He said he didn't know them.

A picture of Eric while we were on our way to the temple in the sea.

An artistic picture of me taken by Ling Yue who was trying to be artistic.

Next stop was Mengwi, the temple where the King prays. And there was a sign saying women who were having their period can't enter the temple compound. I did anyway. :P

There was a tower that we could climb to view the whole temple.
We went to Bedugul, the Cameron Highlands of Bali. It was raining and it was damn cold and very foggy.
We came across this jetty and so warrior Lao Ann and warrior Yoyo decided to have a sword... erm, no... umbrella fight.

And then warrior Xiao Ming decided to join the battle.

It was rainy season in Bali (or maybe it was because of LingYue the rain goddess?). In tourist spots we could see kids trying to rent umbrellas.
One of the famous souvenirs from Bali is handicraft. I was really impressed by their 3-D carvings.

Yes, of course, the ever infamous Lao Ann. When I scanned through the pictures and deciding which to post in my blog, I couldn't help but notice this blurry-looking picture of his. "Bu neng ding" (tak boleh tahan)!

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Aiyo.. you guys should thanks me for bringing the rain le... Ling Yue