Thursday, July 24, 2008

the world is no longer safe

At approximately 7:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, she was driving down to the Wangsa Maju LRT station to take the LRT to work. She parked her humble white Kancil at the side of the main road, took no notice of the dark figure lurking right in front of the stairs. She turned off the engine, the door lock clicked open. She took her time wearing her Hush Puppies working shoes, grabbing her bag, preparing to get down from the car. The next thing she saw was a dark-skinned figure, and a knife.
She screamed out of shock, only to be silenced by the threatening voice of the stranger. Holding her wrist in one hand; the knife and a still-burning-cigarette in the other, the stranger ordered her to get into the passenger seat. Frightened, she obeyed. While being forced to hand him her wallet, handphone and mp3 player, she noticed the pedestrians walking right behind her car.
The stranger was holding her wrist all the time, she couldn't escape. He was having her car key. Worst case scenario, the stranger could hijack the car, drive her to some place where no one will be able to help her nor hear her scream... She could imagine a hundred dreadful things that could happen to her. She forced herself to think of happy thoughts, unsuccessfully.
Should she call for help? No, the sight of the knife made her thought better of it.
The stranger finished ransacking her belongings. "Drive away quietly, or I'll kill you," he said to her. For some reason, she thought that threat to be funny. Dying in the hands of a robber, is a thought that had never before occur to her.
Despite that, she was so thankful that the stranger gave her back her wallet together with her identity card, driving license, ATM cards, and most importantly, her car. So with trembling hands, she obediently drove away, leaving the stranger with his pocket full of cash, a less-than-a-year-old-second-hand-handphone, and a very-much-close-to-useless-mp3 player.
She remembered the last incident when her laptop was stolen, and what the police had done to help her (after spending endless hours in the police station) - basically nothing. So this time she decided not to make a police report.
And yes, the victim in the story, that would be me.


shinyin_jocelyn said...

wow! so scary... did you recognise the guy? thank god he didnt take ur car... and he actually returned your i/c and atm card? unbeliveable.... still, robbery is a terrible crime... we should all be careful...

p/s: i'll link this post to my previous post-An unsafe world? :)

Anonymous said...

Be careful next time lor... Change ur parking area... Be aware because he will target u next time and next next time because he knows you are weak.

knitfreak-to-be said...

my advise, be careful, make sure that whenever u stop, car is still lock and once unlocked, quickly move away as fast as possible.

you might be not so lucky next time(hope there will never be next time)

...a reminder to all of us

ng said...

soo scaryyy... MUST take care Shin Loo...

Anonymous said...

wat a scary experience.
u should more becareful next time o.

Kiwi-Bird said...

Shinloo, luckily you are safe!!! Must take precautions edi..