Friday, December 26, 2008


Zilin and me went to Italiannies in 1 Utama for Christmas dinner. We had always wanted to dine there and the food turned out to be not disappointing. We were presented with the Christmas menu with dinner sets ranging from RM45 to RM65. Both of us ordered a RM65 set each and a lemonade. The total came up to RM150. I thought the price was reasonable. There wasn't much choices for the appetizers and desserts - just two choices each. So when Zilin ordered one, I ordered the other. So that we could try both haha!

One of the appetizers - stuffed tomatoes. It doesn't look very appealing but the taste was okay. I have absolutely no idea what the stuffing was made of except that it contained spinach.
The breads were already half eaten when we took this picture. We were given... erm... about six pieces. We were supposed to dip the bread in the olive oil and vinegar (shown in picture) but I preferred the mysterious creamy gravy came together with the garlic bread that I ordered (not shown in picture). And we miraculously finished it. (Actually it's not so miraculous if you're dining with Zilin. He can swallow almost anything.)
The main course (entree) that I ordered was parmesan fish, whose full name I forgot. It was extremely devilishly delicious!!! Served with sliced fried potatoes and onion rings. It's simply irresistible!
Zilin ordered turkey with mashed potatoes. He said the turkey tasted like the Chinese "Char Siew", which I totally agreed. I concluded that the chef is actually Chinese and he marinated the turkey meat using his grandmother's traditional chinese method. The mashed potatoes, on the other hand, was so damn delicious it was better than any mash potatoes I've ever tasted (even those in Kenny Rogers).
One of the desserts was... erm... this bread and butter thing whose name I forgot. This looked very much like a fine dining dish and it tasted good too.
This was called... Struffoli if I'm not mistaken. It was like... fried bread dipped in orange juice and honey. It was incredibly sweet the moment you put it in your mouth. But when the orange smell came up it was not so bad. We didn't really like it though.

I was quite happy with the food and the service. The only flaw was that our table was not exactly in a strategic place. Zilin was literally sitting at the mouth of a staircase, half blocking the walkway. The distances between tables are also uncomfortably near. I couldn't help overhearing the conversation at the next table. Anyway the food was good enough to distract us from these.

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