Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year Resolutions

Goodbye 2008. Welcome 2009! Happy new year! I remember this time last year I had written a 2008 new year resolutions. Here's the evaluation:

1) Stop being an anti-social. Erm... improving.
2) Get over the fear and nerve of talking to strangers, older people, cute guys, my boss (when I start working), distant relatives and friends, foreigners with a perfect British accent etc. Well... erm... improving.
3) Get used to public speaking, interviews, presentations etc. Erm... yeah... improving.
4) Achieve ideal weight of 49 kg (something I’d probably won’t succeed). Succeeded! Well kind of. Cause I had this terrible gastric attack and when i weighed myself at that time. I was 49.5 kg. Now that I'm healthy, I'm slightly more than that.
5) Learn how to put on make up (again something I’d probably be too lazy to achieve). I think I can consider this as achieved. From know-nothing-at-all to put-on-slight-makeup, I think I deserve a "achieved" don't I?
6) Start reading newspapers everyday. Well I read the Sun every working day. And the Star occassionally when my colleague buys it.
7) Learn to be involved in an intelligent conversation without feeling foolish. I have no idea whether i achieved this or not.
8) Quit clubbing. Or should I say, reduce the number of clubbing activities. I definitely had achieved that.
9) Learn what is love and how to love. Definitely in progress.

Hmm... not bad. Not bad at all. Here's the 2009 new year resolutions:

1) Continue with whatever not achieved in 2008 (as of above).
2) Learn to control my temper and emotions.
3) Learn to be more patient.
4) Excel in my new career starting in February 2009.
5) Sustain my relationship.
6) Learn to be more optimistic.


education said...

Learn to control my temper and emotions.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

yeah, didn't i just said that?

Lollipop said...

very old fashioned title...but interesting post!
btw....resolution 2008 number 4 definitely tarak kira laaaa!

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

cis cis...