Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you want to be loved, love.
One thing I discovered about love is that...
One can never expect fairness in love.
A mother loves the child more than the child does, her.
A girlfriend misses her boyfriend more than he does, her.
It's not always the case but...
Most of the time, I suppose.
But then again...
How can you ever expect fairness in this world?
In the end...
Love is about tolerating one another.
If you love him, you'd want him to feel happy.

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confessions of a medical student said...

dear shinLoo,
how are you feeling today? i hope you are better..
i can't give you much advice on love... but if you need to talk or ventilate, you can always call me.. it's okay to miss him, it's only natural.. he must be missing you too.. i remember the article you send me, some time ago.. it says that, in a relationship, one cannot be lazy.. if you miss him, perhaps, you can just go find him ^^... i mean, it's not like he's in some other parts of the world....

take care girl~

if you want to be loved, love.