Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sakae Sushi & Autumn Quattro

Friends and I went to Sakae Sushi in KLCC to celebrate Manyee's birthday. I like that they gave us a small room for 11 of us and they have this computer screen at the side of the table where we can directly place our orders without having to wait for the waiters to come. It was very efficient.
The ocha (Japanese green tea) that were provided were of tea packets, which I found rather "cheap" for a restaurant that expensive. Lingyue and KC ordered a Japanese steamboat which contained scallops (quite a number of it), all types of vegetables and mushrooms. The soup was rather salty. Despite the fact that they ordered it for themselves, the steamboat was shared among us and I managed to grab one piece of scallop before it reached their hands. =P
Looks very nice, which was exactly the reason we ordered it. But I don't really fancy this. Poh Leng's girlfriend, Hui Tao said that the sashimi tasted exceptionally fresh.
Manyee ordered this. If I recall correctly this is some kind of chawanmushi with crab meat. I've always loved chawanmushi. This tasted so good!
This is the bento I ordered. Unagi (I don't recall a single time that I didn't order unagi in a Japanese restaurant) and chicken with rice and miso soup. The chicken was good (though a bit too salty) while the unagi is just okay.
My chicken and unagi. =)
Zilin ordered scallops and chicken served with rice and miso soup. Not bad.After dinner we went to Quattro (which means the number 4 in Italian) in Avenue K (opposite of KLCC). There were four sections, each named after a season - spring (lounge), summer (restaurant), autumn (club) and winter (bar). Due to the birthday girl's (a.k.a clubbing queen) request, of course we went to the club.
We reached there at about 11:00 p.m. The place was half empty, and the music they played were... from the 80's and 90's. They even played the soundtrack from Grease. We girls were like... what the hell? The guys were simply watching football from the huge flat screen TV on the wall as it was Manchester United versus Fulham (or was it Chelsea?) that night. But when the place was starting to get crowded the music kind of switched. They were playing Kathy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher... the normal clubbing songs. And the choices of songs are actually quite good.
We opened two bottles, one of them a Henessey. That was the first time I tasted Henessey and I find it so much better than Chivas (which we usually order). I've tasted several other brands of whiskeys (which I don't remember) but Henessey is the best yet I had. There were about 8-10 of us and two bottles could barely fill our stomachs. Two bottles of whiskey, one night of clubbing (and football), RM75 per pax. It sure as hell is one expensive past-time.


confessions of a medical student said...

the sake sushi (salmon) @ sakae sushi is only RM1.90 right? i missed going there... the sashimi very fresh..

henessey better than chivas? i nvr try b4... i thought chivas is nice... but cannot drink much, can get drunk easily.. 40% leh! clubbing is expensive.. the alcohol is 3-4 times more expensive than the airport... 6 times more expensive than in langkawi... sigh..

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

i don't know about RM1.90 salmon... i don't really like sashimi... but i seriously doubt is it that cheap... it's quite a expensive restaurant...

really? langkawi is that cheap? ok next time go there must buy...