Monday, September 14, 2009

Dream No. 1

I try to look far. But my view is blocked by the sun shade above the boat. Or is it a ship? It's more like a miniature ship, I think. I'm not sure though.

I'm on a ship with Mr. Chin. I look at him and smile after reacting to LingYue's excited voice. He kissed me tenderly on my cheek. He doesn't do this very often in the public. Feeling a little embarrassed, I ignore him and look away. The sea is blue and crystal clear. The ship is sailing smoothly. Or does it run on a motor? I'm not so sure.

I look down and saw a few people swimming near our ship. One of them is dressed in black suit and tie. I wonder why are they swimming here. It's deep sea. Aren't they afraid they'd drown? Anyway, so that's why the ship is moving forward slowly, to avoid clashing into the people.

The ship then sailed into something like a lagoon, only narrower, very much narrower. There are beach at both sides of the ship. Weird, I think. There are sea turtles resting at the beach. Some are in the water. Their sizes range from baby sea turtles to giant adult sea turtles. I'm amazed simply looking at them. The ship then halted to a stop. LingYue jumps into the sea without a second of delay.

Before I know it I'm already in the water, with Mr. Chin right beside me, together with another Caucasian girl. She's also with the snorkeling team. I'm not very sure though whether we're here to snorkel or other activities. Anyway, her grandma just passed away recently and... Yeah, basically that's all I know about her.

At some point we somehow dived into the water. I can even open my eyes and hold my breath when I'm underneath. Amazing. The girl, for some reason she is holding on to a rope (which is tied to the ship) to pull herself up to the surface. She pauses a few seconds with her head above the water, then she sinks back down, looking stunned. But she then recollects herself and swims away.

I'm curious as to why she reacts that way. So I ask Mr. Chin to pull me up to the surface to take a look. I'm shocked when I see what lies before me. Floating on the water, is the girl's grandma. I know her because I've seen her picture before. Grandma looks at me and smiles gently. And then it's time to go back. So I wave at her. She waves back. I look at Mr. Chin and realize he is looking at me as though he doesn't know who am I waving to. And I understand that he can't see what I see.

And before we can reach the ship to embark on a journey back, I woke up.

Yes it was a dream. I woke up feeling disturbed on a Sunday morning. Mr. Chin was the only person I got a chance to tell about this dream. And he, too agreed that it is peculiar and disturbing, especially the part about a man dressed in suit swimming in the sea. How weird.

Anyway, I just thought of sharing this. My posts in September are mostly for sharing, I realized. And this post is entitled "Dream No. 1" because I'm actually looking forward to dreaming more of these scary and weird dreams.

Call me a weirdo but I kind of like strange things. ;)


knitfreak-to-be said...

sounds like titanic to me ;)

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

well my colleague said that the only reason a man would swim in suit and tie is because of a sinking ship... ha...