Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bathtub Cliche

She watched in amazement as the thick liquid drained from her veins
Made a little twirl in the clear water
Then disappeared
Dyeing it red, little by little
It was beautiful in some way
The pain didn't bother her as much now
The reduction of body temperature, however, did a little
She saw the stain on the floor
On the kitchen knife
On her white dress
And wondered how should she clean them up later
She raised her other hand midway
Wanted to tuck the loose hair behind her ear
Only to remember she had cut her long straight hair two days ago
It was boyish-short now
There was no more loose hair to be tucked away
Instead she placed her hand on the edge of the bathtub
And rested her chin on it
She sighed in satisfaction
She had found peace at last

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