Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream No. 2

What lay beneath my feet is a newly-paved tar road. The kind that is smooth with dark, black colour. I'm standing near the bottom of a hill. Not far from where I am, at the foot of the hill, there's a pool of murky water. I must stay far from the water, I think. Thus I begin walking uphill, slowly at first, then faster.

But it's like running up an escalator, only the escalator is moving downwards, bringing me nearer to the pool of murky water. It's as if the ground beneath my feet has a life of its own and it's moving. The faster I run, the nearer I am to the murky water. Panic overtakes me. I can't stop, can't even stop for breathe. But strange enough, I'm not out of breathe at all, not even close.

As I'm about to give up, a person comes to me. Who is he? Do I know him? "Don't run too fast," he says.

I slow down. "Here, walk with me," he says to me again.

So we walk side by side, slowly, consistently. "The faster you walk, the faster you will be downhill," he says.

Before I even know it, we are already at the top of the hill... and I woke up.

Me : That's it. That's all. It's all I can remember. The rest I've forgotten. There's something else before this scene about a singing competition or something. Totally weird.
Chin : This is a very inspiring dream.
Me : Huh? It seems pointless and meaningless to me.
Chin : It's a message about your career path. I know it's been troubling you in some way. See, the faster you want to climb up the hill, the slower your progress. But if you take it slowly and naturally, you'll eventually end up at the top.
Me : Ooooooooooo... Yeah... Now it makes sense.
Chin : And the person who appeared in your dream, that must be me, rescueing you from your misery.
Me : No it's not.
Chin : Yes it must be.
Me : Please be rest assured that it isn't.
Chin : ...



Denial is something sometimes we do & mr chin might interpret it correctly & you had make him speechless at the end....LOL again

Talking about behind every succesful M / W, there's M / W behind or something like that :D

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

anyway, his interpretation about the career path thing is quite philosophical la...

confessions of a medical student said...

nice dream and nice theory... you 2 make a cute couple... like MRC, you just HAD to make him speechless.. haha!