Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lament 2

There are things that you may want to change
But which you can't
There are other things that you can change
But which you choose not to
i'm confused as to which category i should put it in
my temper
my terrible, terrible temper

i try to be optimistic
But i'm positive that bad things would happen
And when it really did
i blame it on my intuition, and how unfair the world can be
And i was glad that i prepared myself for the worst
It's just like process design
You always have to consider the worst case scenario
The highest blowdown rate, the highest relief rate, the biggest vessel size...

Deep down i know this would lead me to doom
i would eventually end up in hell
The deepest, darkest side of the world
So what am i doing now?


confessions of a medical student said...

maybe it's something in between... you can try to change something, but not everything... coz deep down inside,you can still shinloo... you can learn to control your temper and you may not successfully do so all the time... but effort do count and it's greatly appreciated.. and i think you are very lucky to have such an understanding bf.. :)


Temper is sth everyone have & unless one is a quasi-god or walking angel / saint, who can claim to be all-perfect :) & yes thankfully u have a partner who share your ups & downs...So cheers!!!!

auDrey said...

Pray, that whatever words that we speak, whatever thoughts that we think, and whatever actions that we do, that they do not come from inside us, but from the Lord above who is full of compassion, rich in mercy, and slow to anger. Trying is not enough for without God's grace and help, we can do nothing. For indeed, in Him we live and have our being.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

so nice to have all of you supporting me... =) thanks...