Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 8: Hangzhou (Part II)

Getting Around in Town

It's very easy and straight forward when traveling around in Hangzhou (when you can speak and read Chinese) - you just have to follow the instructions. We traveled by bus all the time because it was so convenient. At every bus stand there would be signboards telling you the buses that stop there and where they go to. We took pictures of the bus schedule to plan our journey. And of course, having a map to be used as reference would help too.

The buses with codes starting with "Y" which means 游 (you) would take you to all the tourist spots.

In some bus stops near town area it indicated the distance of each bus from that particular stop. We were very impressed by this and wondered when will Malaysia be able to catch up.

Bus numbered 25 is just 500 meters away from this stop.

Three Pools Mirroring The Moon 三潭印月

Also known as Lesser Yingzhou Isle, it is a famous spot to go to during the Mid-Autumn Festival, when it is a full moon. The three stone miniature pagodas standing in the lake off the isle are presumably the best place for moon viewing. These pagodas produce many magic views of the moon in the water, making people nostalgic and reminiscent of the past.

Its inside lake - which is said to be the lake within a lake (湖中有岛,岛中有湖) - is crisscrossed with many zigzagging bridges, a causeway that expands from west to east, the lights and clouds reflection in the water can be seen with flowers in blossom. (Reference site: Tours in Hangzhou)

Boat transfer to Three Pools Mirroring The Moon RMB45.

One step at a time.

It said that Mao Zedong came to the isle and left this inscription.

Scenery on the isle.

Su Xiaoxiao's tomb, located on the corner of Xiling Bridge and Bai Causeway.

Looks like a painting.

The Impression of West Lake 印象西湖

The famous stage play produced and directed by Zhang YiMou, original score by musician Kitaro, and theme song sang by famous Chinese singer Zhang Liangyin. The set was near YueFei Temple, on West Lake. The play was staged entirely upon the lake itself. A stage had been built 3 cm under the water surface and it looked as if the actors were walking on water as they moved. The backdrop, it was the surrounding of the West Lake itself. And using lighting creatively, the most beautiful and breathtaking scenes were being presented. (Reference site: crienglish)

The play was based on a legendary love story "The Legend of The White Snake" (read about the story here). It was a sad ending and it brought tears to my eyes. This is certainly a performance that I feel should never be missed if you're visiting Hangzhou. Even if we had a tough and unpleasant experience getting the expensive tickets, I felt it was all worth it.

The crowd.
The two birds symbolized the lovers who was separated by destiny.
The bridge rised where the lovers would be reunited.

Check out the beautiful lighting.
The main actor.
This scene really touched me. It was all pitch black and the only thing we saw was the actor. He was separated with his love. It was sad and lonely.

The birds.

The backdrop.

Did I fail to mention how cold it was? The play was in the open, for God's sake! There were people who didn't wear enough clothes renting for winter jacket at the entrance of the play - can you imagine? Before the play began I couldn't stand the cold so I went into KFC and bought a cup of hot Milo which cost me RMB6. I was like, whatever - was totally willing to pay a fortune for something that could warm me up. Thank goodness during the play I didn't remember feeling anything as I was too mesmerized. After the play, I bought another two cups of hot Milo and insisted that we take a cab back to the hostel (instead of walking back as the original plan).


Anonymous said...

Wow...the digital displays at the bus stop are really impressive! Malaysia no hope lar....sighs. Beautiful night shots of the show u have there! Very clear and colourful :)

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Ya I know :) Thanks to Mr Chin's good camera... And little bit credit to his skills la... :P