Sunday, February 20, 2011

Park Chul Hair Dresser

I used to go to Oh Jun Hair Salon - before they moved to the new place, before I feel the hair stylist cum owner, Oh Jun cuts and perms my hair in a rush because of the long queue, before he charges me a fortune.

I've discovered a new salon now - Park Chul Hair Dresser. It's in the old place that Oh Jun rented. It's run by a Korean lady who speak English that I can't quite catch. But thank goodness there is an Indonesian lady whom I speak Malay to, and she would translate to the Korean lady - yup, she can speak Korean. She told me she has already been in Malaysia working for almost 10 years, so are the other Korean ladies there.

It was the same experience I had during my first visit to Oh Jun's - friendly owner and employees, good and thoughtful services. I think all the Koreans like to have curly hair. Like the first time I went to Oh Jun, she also suggested that I do rebonding at the roots and curl at the bottom. I refused and told her I already tried that.

You know when you do rebonding you have to warm a pair of steel plates (to about 180 degree Celcius) and use it to clip and pull small parts of your hair repetitively, so as to make them straight and shiny. This is normally done after you've washed off the straightening chemicals and you will have to blow dry your hair before this procedure. If this procedure is performed when your hair is still moist, it might damage your hair. And when the water evaporate to form steam - especially at the area close to your scalp - at 180 degree C it could burn your scalp slightly and you will feel stinging pain for days after the perm, which is why I never want to step foot in the salon until I really have to.

In Park Chul Hair Dresser, they know better than that. When they use the hot clip on my hair the Indonesian lady would blow away the steam formed so it wouldn't hurt my scalp. For the first time having a perm, I didn't feel a thing at all. How relieved I was!

This is how I look after the cut and rebonding.

I thought she cut my fringe too short. But I changed my mind after a few days. :)

The price, was not much different from Oh Jun's - equally expensive!!! I was charged RM200. Well I guess one have to pay for the service. And I was given a card which I can claim for a hair manicure treatment after 5 times of perm or colour services, and a hair skin scaling and face massage after 7 times of cut hair services. Better than nothing.

Park Chul Hair Dresser
H/P: 016-9197249
Lot B13-2 Jalan Ampang Utama
2/2 One Ampang Avenue
Jalan Ampang
68000 Ampang
(near to Ampang Point)


Anonymous said...

hey not bad! i think your fringe looks cute :)
RM200 ok lah for rebonding, i heard of RM450 for rebonding...madness!
when i am back bring me there pls....hehe!

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

haha... thanks... but that rebonding is only for the roots wor... coz i didnt want it to be like extremely straight...

Anonymous said...

I just went for volume rebonding in Park Churl and the service is great! Result is not bad too. But, you know what happened to me? Just after few hours, my curl slowly dropped. And, just one day after rebonding, my hair becomes straight again!!! And I was charged RM 300 for this stupid lousy hairdresser!

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Oh my god really? You should go back and complaint you know. Show them the result. What's a volume rebonding anyway? It's a curling technique?

세상의 날개 said...

May I know the business hour for this hair dresser? and do they open on public holiday? I couldn't get through the phone number you posted above.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Hi, as far as I know, they only close on Mondays. Normally weekends they are open. I'm quite sure the number is still valid. Maybe you can try again. If that still doesn't work do let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

May I know what's ur feedback on Oh Jun Hair Salon? I came across this salon from Cleo magazines. Thanks.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Oh Jun now has more than one hair stylist. Price has become much more expensive as compared to before they moved. But the hair stylists are good and english speaking too.

deNie said...

OhJun Charge me for a hair service of RM1250. I almost wanted to faint the moment to show me the bill. I will never go back again. For the price, I could go any better salon. The service he did on me: Color the top portion, perm the root, hair treatment and few roller on the top hair to give volumn. My hair is touching my shoulder. I used to do it there by a lady hairstylist. All gone and left Jun. I initially estimated the bill be RM800.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

RM1250??? My mouth literally dropped when I read that! OMG!
Oh Jun is getting more and more expensive because of the fame and all the advertising on magazines. Really not worth it anymore. I had never gone there in more than a year.
I used to go to the lady hairstylist also. Her name is Janice. Are we talking about the same person?