Thursday, May 8, 2014

People say we are meant for each other

People say we are meant for each other.

I was preparing an invitation email for my wedding. Then I forgot the most important detail. But I remember I told one of my friends, so I asked her.

"Do you remember when is my wedding, Karishma? November what?"

"Oh I forgot. November 29th?"

I checked the calender and 29th November was a Saturday.

"Yes it is! Thanks!"

"You forgot your own wedding date? Check with your boyfriend!"

"He would most probably forgot also."

To prove that I was right, I gave him a test. He was playing Diablo on the computer. So I dragged a chair and sat beside him.

"When is our wedding date?"

"November 31st." Eyes on the computer screen.

"What? No!"

"November 31st! Yes!" Eyes were still on the computer screen.

"No it's not! It's November 29th!"

"Oh yeah, you're right." Eyes still had not leave the computer screen.

I moved my head close to his so that my head had blocked one-third of the screen.

"I forgot my own wedding date and my friends laughed at me."

"Hahaha..." Shifted head while eyes were still on the screen.

Well at least he didn't shout at me or slap my face.

The next day I told my friends and was told there were only 30 days in November. They had a good laugh.

That is when people say we are meant for each other.

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