Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Geographically Blind Reborn (again)

I had abandoned it for a year. Last week, out of no where, it came back into my thoughts. And then suddenly I had so much to say - not to the world, but rather to myself.

As I began writing, I re-discovered some of my older posts. Most of them were things I had long forgotten. It felt familiar yet strange, reading back my thoughts, my experience in life, travel, things that I once felt so important that I needed to document them. It was as if looking at myself from a totally different perspective, in a third person's point of view. I watched myself fall, live life, and grow up. 

Then I remembered how it once supported me to get through everyday, when depression took over me. And how I fell in love, and it took everything in - my laments, my brags. 

I created it. But it completed me.