Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Letter from Me to Myself

Dear Me,

I try my very best to love you. I always do. But sometimes I find it hard to do so.

I wish that you are a lot of things that you are not, and will never be.
I wish that you're more friendly and sociable.
I wish that you're less emotional.
I wish that you're more caring and understanding.
I wish that you're less sensitive and vulnerable.
I wish that you're more simple-minded.
I wish that you're less difficult.
I wish that you're more manageable.
I wish that you're more intelligent.
I wish that you're more beautiful.

I try to make you change for the better. I try to mould you into my ideal, perfect person. But it just seems so difficult. Maybe you refuse to change. I wouldn't know.

(I understand that I'm not that kind of person you'd wish that I am, either. But I always tend to overlook that.)

If you're not what I wish you are, will I still be able to love you? Unconditionally?

Perhaps I can. Maybe I can't. I hope that I can. What would I be without you? I'd be an empty shell.

All I ask in return, is for you to love me for who I am and am not; and bear with me, for the things that I did and did not do; for what I have and do not have; for the words I said and did not say.

You can hate me sometimes, and I can hate you. But behind every harsh word, every accusing stare, every cold gesture, I hope you know that there is always a thing called love.

I truly believe that we'll be together for a very long time. Till death do us part. On second thought, maybe even death can't do us part. ;)

This is my first and also last love letter to you, because I trust that after you've read this, we'll have mutual understanding about each other, as if you are inside of me, and I am inside of you. Please do not doubt that I will love you with all my heart, always had and always will.



Anonymous said...

be thankful for what you have and for who you are. God made us differentin our own way. You may not like yorself for who you are, but Im sure there is someone who love you for who you are. Unconditionally.
Focus on what you are good at.

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

someone who loves me unconditionally? maybe...
i'm just wondering will i be able to love someone unconditionally...
anyway thanks for your comments, mr. anonymous... =)
would like to know who u are though...

Lena said...

Sometimes we all need to write such a letter to ourselves. It makes us realize who we are, what we do and where are we heading.