Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perhentian Island - Final Day

Final Day. Breakfast was French toast. =)

One thing about Malay French toast is they add salt instead of sugar. I'd prefer sweet ones actually.

Served with coffee and tea.

After breakfast we didn't have much time left except to finish packing and feeding the fish for 10 minutes. We were supposed to gather at 10:00a.m. to wait for the speedboat that will fetch us back to the mainland.

While waiting we had a monkey to keep us entertained. =)

A little ang mo girl playing with the monkey.

Finally the boat was here. Bye bye monkey, bye bye Perhentian.

This time the boat ride was not as scary as before. Because I had cleverly chosen the seat at the back in the middle. So that I don't feel as if I'll get thrown off the boat any minute.

After over an hour of car ride we had once again reached the Kota Bharu Airport.

Upon our arrival to the civilized world, Mr. Chin was as busy as ever, catching up with the latest news about English Premier League and in particular, the Manchester United, and enjoying his KFC.

And also picking up calls from work.

And calls...

More calls...

Luckily there was no signal in Perhentian Island. Or else we'd be spending more time on the phone than in the water. ;)

There was a small incident while we queued up before boarding the plane. An elderly man who stood in front of me fainted. I don't know if he had a stroke or what but he just fell right in front of us. I saw his eyes were wide opened. His wife was like, "Kenapa ni? Kenapa ni? (What's wrong? What's wrong?)" A kind Chinese lady shouted for a doctor while an ang mo exclaimed that we should clear his airway. And the rest of us just watched helplessly. The man was still lying down on his back when we left for the plane. I sure hope he was okay.

Bye bye, Kota Bharu.
Breakdown of the total expenses for this trip are as of below:
Package (include snorkeling trips, gears, accommodation and meals) = RM 320 per person
Land transfer (car ride) = RM 50 per person
Marine Park entrace fees = RM 5 per person
AirAsia flight = RM 139 per person
All came up to a total of RM 514 per person. =)

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