Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perhentian Island - Day 2 Part 1

The next morning, breakfast was buffet style. There wasn't much left by the time we got to the cafe.

Fried kuey teow, french toast, and keropok ikan (fish cracker). Doesn't really look appetizing, I know.

But Mr. Chin was gobbling it down.

Having breakfast while listening to the waves. It was a nice feeling. =) Despite the sunblock I applied, I had a light sunburn.

We were told to wait for our snorkelling guide at about 1p.m. so we didn't want to have heavy lunch that day. When we told the resort staff that we didn't want lunch at all, he was kind enough to offer to pack us tuna sandwiches. We were surprised to find them with french fries. Yummy!!! =)

While waiting by the beach with our snorkelling gears, we noticed there were many ang mo (Caucasians) in Perhentian Island and hardly any locals at all. Too bad none of them went skinny-dipping. =P

They seemed very relaxed, reading books, sunbathing, swimming, talking... I was watching as they go by their activities. They seemed so... slow. For instance there was one girl packing up her book, clothes and towel. It took her 15 minutes to finish packing. I mean, if I were her I'd finish it in... 10 seconds... maybe less. What I'm saying is, living in the city had mould us into some fast-paced robots and all we have in mind is money and career. We hardly stop and smell the flowers (somebody said this, I don't remember who... who?).

I told Mr. Chin about my thoughts and we agreed that we should do it too. We should do everything slowly. He later proved that he's better at this than I am. ;)

The second snorkelling trip begins at about 2p.m. It was a different group this time, only four of us - Mr. Chin and I, and two other girls. This time we were going to Rawa and Susu Dara Island. As I said I didn't take any pictures during snorkelling trip. But Mr. Chin managed to take a photo on our way back the next day. So, here's how the two islands look like.

First stop was Rawa Island. The water was crystal clear, even clearer than that of Perhentian Island. And the best is we parked the boat right beside the beach. So we could actually rest a little on solid ground when we got tired.

The next stop was around Susu Dara Island. The water there were very shallow and we could see all kinds of corals and kerang. They were beautiful beyond what I can describe.

The last stop was at the Moongun lighthouse. The current there were heavy and the only way I could move was to go with the flow. And there was nothing much to see. Before I knew it I was very far from the boat and the tour guide had to tow me back. Hehe...

That pretty much ended our second snorkelling trip, which was much more fun than the first one. The water was clearer and I really enjoyed looking at the corals and kerang. And the best thing is we didn't have to rush for nothing just because some people (majority of them) don't enjoy the snorkelling trip.

To be continue...

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