Monday, August 17, 2009

Perhentian Island - Day 2 Part 2

我们身处在现在,遥望的却是过去。 (We are at the present, but what we're looking at is the past.)

Dinner was again, prepared for only the two of us. When asked why wasn't there a buffet style dinner as previous night, the resort staff told us that we were the only ones who bought the all-in-package (accommodation, 3 meals a day and snorkeling boat trips) that day and the rest of the customers had went home.

"Tak kan nak hidang buffet untuk dua orang. (Not that we will serve buffet for just two pax.)" The resort staff looked at us as if we were nuts. Oh well, the reason we asked this stupid question was we had a different experience in Redang Island. We were served buffet for every meal and everyone there had the all-in-package. Once again proved that Mr. Chin and I were the only locals in the resort since ang mo do not usually go for packages because 1) the "a la carte" is affordable to them; and 2) unlike Asians, they prefer free-and-easy.

Anyway, dinner was just okay. I'd prefer the lunch we had on Day 1. We had tom yam soup (too spicy for my delight but tasted superb), kangkung belacan (which Mr. Chin hated, thus all went into my stomach, though too spicy for my delight either), and some chicken cooked with mysterious spices (which I thought tasted weird, thus all went into Mr. Chin's stomach).

The patch of yellow stuff on the plate was the chicken with strange spices.

Oh yeah, and I managed to capture the menu which looked expensive. Roti Canai with curry sauce cost RM 4 ??? That's like... 4 times the price in the mainland. Like I said, only the ang mo can afford.

After dinner, we went on for our quest to hunt blue sand without much delay. Determined not to repeat the same mistake as of Day 1, we dashed back to fetch the torchlights without as much as laying our eyes on the ever so tempting bed.

For those who do not know what is blue sand, I googled it up and found the explanation on, extracted as of below:

Bioluminescent Ostracods (also know as Firefleas/Sea firefly) found at front beach of Redang Reef Resort, the guide call as blue sand. Ostracods are microscopic crustaceans, typically 0.2 mm to 2 mm long but are readily fossilised and can occur in enormous numbers in some sediments. Ostracods inhabit in aquatic environment use bioluminescence during mating where the males will attract females to them. Males ostracods flash in a sequence as they swim to attract females. Bioluminescence is blue colour because all colors of light do not transmit equally through ocean water, so if the purpose of bioluminescence is to provide a signal that is detected by other organisms, then it is important that the light be transmitted through seawater. Blue light transmits best through seawater.

Despite our effort, our search was a failure. The snorkeling guide told us that it depends on our luck whether we see it or not. It doesn't appear every night.

As if a consolation prize for us, we discovered a trail along the beach to the other part of the island. It was only accessible at night, during the ebb of the tide. We had a long walk (almost 1.5 hours) to the other end where there were a pub/lounge, another resort with chalets and its restaurant/cafe.

"我们身处在现在,遥望的却是过去。(We are at the present, but what we're looking at is the past.)"

By the time we got back I was half dead from exhaustion. This pretty much ended our second night in Perhentian Island.

To be continued...

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