Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bali Day 2

Second day in Bali was supposed to be a free-and-easy. But we had requested the tour guide (forgot to mention, his name was Ri) to arrange a rafting activity for us. It was rather expensive, Rp300,000 (about RM125). We got up early in the morning and had a 1-hour drive to a river where rafting would take place. After getting all dressed up - helmet and life jacket, it was another 10-minute drive to the river upstream. We had to climb down a highly dangerous and steep staircase to the bottom where the river was. By the time we got down there, my legs were so soar I couldn't stand straight without effort. From there we divided into 3 groups, 1 raft for each group and the exciting journey began. My group consisted of Yoyo, Ling Yue, KC, ERic and me. The river was very dangerous and if it weren't for the instructors, we could've drowned. There were moments when our raft nearly tripped over, and when we nearly fell into the water (mind you, there were no safety belts strapping you to the raft or any of that kind), and also moments when we nearly died (yeah, right!). But there were also a lot of water-splashing, shouting... and many so-called "critical" activities among our groups. We bumped into a group of 4 Koreans and unlike us, they were all dry! And of course that didn't last long cause we wouldn't allow that. So a lot of water-splashing and shouting took place again and the Koreans would probably think that we're nuts. Nevertheless, I think they had fun with us.

After climbing another staircase we were almost dead. Lucky we didn't have to walk anymore. We were drove to a place to take bath and have lunch. Considering the wet and dangerous conditions, we couldn't take pictures during the rafting. Very much like any tourist spots, we were sold the pictures that were taken by them for the price of Rp45,000 (RM16).

In the afternoon we went to the beach and saw a lot of un-cool, beginner surfers (some had great bod though, hehe...) and yeah, some topless women. The waves were suitable for beginner surfers and thus they were HUGE. Ling Yue, Julian, Meng Yee and I nearly drowned and washed away by the waves.

At night we roamed the streets of Bali. There were a lot of branded shops along the streets, but the tour guide told us that the stuffs were fake. Good quality but fake, so-called "aspal" - asli tapi palsu. What the hell... But I doubt his words.

In the McDonald's near our hotel I saw this surfing Ronald and I thought, so cute!
It was Ling Yue's birthday so we celebrated in a lounge. Nicely-decorated, friendly waiters, reasonable price and quite happening.
They even had performances onstage and some of the performer came among the tables and gave away gulps of free liquor.

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hi shinloo..looks like u are having fun in time u, the geographically blind can be my tour guide ;)