Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Forgotten

I realized how freakishly easy it is, to isolate myself from my friends. Just vanish like that, into thin air. All I have to do, is to change my handphone number, create a new msn account... That's it. I don't even have to have new email addresses or new friendster/facebook accounts cause I can choose to just ignore the messages and the emails from friends. The idea of disappearing scares me. Of course, at the beginning my friends will worry about me, call each other up and check if they had hear any news about/from me. But they can't find me. They don't know where I stay or work (even if they do, it'll be too troublesome to come knock on my door). So in the end, I'll become a person they knew a long time ago. When they have gatherings and one of them happen to mention my name. They'll say, "Ah yes, ShinLoo... I wonder what happens to her. She used to be my close friend." Maybe they'd remember how funny, how weird I was, and how much they enjoyed being with me. But still... I'm just another person who once crossed their paths. And time will make them forget...

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