Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wing's Music Cafe

The first time I went to this Wing's Cafe in Equinne Park, I thought this place was pretty cool for a hangout place. It's like a high-class mamak stall. But after checking out the menu, and discovering that a small glass of coke would cost me RM4.90 (exclusive of tax), I decided to order a plain diamond filtered water, as written in the menu (lol). The Heineken too, I noticed, was double the normal price in any 7-eleven outlets.

There were two guys singing on the small stage (if you can call that a stage). One of them was playing the keyboard and the other guy was playing the guitar. So we went on chatting among ourselves, oblivious to the guy singing and I personally found that the sound system was a bit too loud. Although the atmosphere is open-air but it was like the sounds couldn't escape and I was finding it real hard to catch what my friends were saying and I had to raise my voice.

Suddenly I noticed a girl's voice, singing Heaven Knows by Rick Price. I turned and wondered whether there was a female singer on the stage. Then I discovered, it wasn't a female. It was a male singer. The keyboard player, wearing a cap. His voice was high-pitched, but in a good way, something like Jeff Chang's, and a little like JJ Lin Jun Jie too. The way he sang Heaven Knows and Xin Bu Liao Qing (by Wan Fang), oh my god, can take your breathe away. My friends and I were so impressed by him that we dedicated a few songs and wrote on the dedication paper, specifying him, the keyboard player, to sing them. He sang a few of Jay Chou's songs and some new Chinese songs, all were great!

Ever since that night, we went there a few times again. All on Friday nights. Because that guy (we didn't ask for his name) only sings on Friday nights. There was once Lao Ann requested to sing onstage. He picked a Jay Chou's song, Black Sweater (Hei Se Mao Yi). He's a pretty good singer. We had always envied him and forced him to sing solo during karaokae outings. They had even recorded a video of him singing onstage, with the assistance from the keyboard player. The one on the left playing the keyboard is the cafe singer and Lao Ann is the one on the right.
p/s: Courtesy to ShinYin who took the pictures and KokChiang who provided the video.

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shinyin_jocelyn said...

i missed wings cafe.... let's go there again someday ^^