Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It is indeed, a story about love, all kinds of love. The movie gives me an impression that it's copying "Love, Actually". (Great film. Those of you who love romantic movies, it's not to be missed.) There are five stories and everyone is inter-related in one way or another. Some stories are great and some are just purely stupid. I would say the best (and my favourite) story would be the old man with Azheimer disease. At the beginning of that story, there was a false indication of a possible romantic relationship between the Azheimer old man and Robiah (haha...) which disgusted me a little. But as the story progressed, it developed into a surprising and moving ending. The worst and shall I say, stupid-est story would definitely be the most eligible bachelor cum director/founder of a magazine falling in love with the MPH bookstore salesgirl. Being a rich bachelor and the owner of a big magazine coorporation I suppose he can do whatever he wants, date whoever he wants. But for some mysteriously unknown reason, he behaved like those young idol artistes denying his relationship with the MPH salesgirl when the press found out about that. So that the girl can have a reason to be disappointed and angry with him, and that he'd have a chance of performing a melodramatic scene in the LRT train proposing to her on his bended knees just minutes before she is off to the airport leaving the country forever.

Besides, there are also some irrelevant points in the stories. For instance the guy with some kidney failure disease, couldn't they just perform dialysis treatment instead of having to make his sister donating her kidney for a transplant. And why in the world would his sister died after the transplant? I mean, there would be a greater chance of the kidney failure guy dying (having a foreign organ in his body) than the organ donor dying, wouldn't it.

However there are still some points worth complimenting, such as the realistic, very Malaysian-ised settings, some moving scenes and lines, some originality... I also like that they filmed random people at the beginning and the end of the film. It creates a... warm feeling and it reminds me of what Julia Roberts said in "Notting Hill"... "Some people really do spend their whole lives together." Overall "Cinta" is a fair film for a local malay movie and if your expectations weren't high, you may even find it good.

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shinyin said...

i think the movie is not bad.... it showed many aspect of different relationships.... althought some of the content was rather stupid, eg1: happily following a guy stranger home after being rob... but believe me, some girls really stupid... and these things really happens...
eg2: getting all nervous and dunno wat you are thinking... shit happens...
overall, enjoyed this movie! =)