Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's amazing how coincidences can happen sometimes. I just discovered that all the Chinese singers that I like have a lot in common.
Jay Chou
Gary Chaw
Khalil Fong
  1. They're very talented and are song composers. (Of course, I wouldn't like them if they aren't.)
  2. They can sing live almost flawlessly. (Do not doubt Jay's ability in this. He's proven it in his latest world tour.)
  3. They are shy and do not know how to connect with people. (At least that's what I think they are.)
  4. They are known to everyone else as ugly and not physically attractive except to me. (ShinYin despises them for being ugly.)
  5. Three of them like Michael Jackson. (Do a lot of people their age like Michael?)
  6. Three of them like Jet Li. (Now that's coincidence.)
  7. Three of them can speak excellent English.

I discovered these weird coincidences these two days when I had nothing better to do than to watch YouTube videos on Khalil Fong and downloading his songs from sogou. Many nice songs he wrote. I especially like spring breeze, shu li zhen, can we or can we not, love song... Can give him a try if you like R&B.


ST said...

I have khalil fong's ori CD.. nyuk nyukk

shinyin said...

did i just saw my name there or was i dreaming?? i don't despises them la.... i just think they are not good-looking, that's all~